I could cut and paste from the myriad posts I have read here as my story is almost identical to the issues raised in the majority of those posts.  I came to this site convinced our situation was unique and rare and that via this site I would get some action.  What I am left with after reading the numerous comments is a sense that hoping this post will prompt any action (much less relief) will prove a quixotic exercise at best.  The short part of the story is that in order to ensure our proposed closing time is met, I have done my best to likewise ensure all documents, explanations, fund allocations, and the like were responded to in a timely manner.  Given that, awaiting confirmation, guidance, or even the courtesy of a reply to my questions have met with an all but total disregard on the part of the loan specialist(s). They seem loath to (select one or more): communicate with the client, ensure requested documents were passed on to the correct desks, or send documents requiring action.


The only bright light in this whole process comes not from a direct USAA representative but rather from Ms. Lisa Kay Woods, our realtor, who is also a USAA Relocation Specialist.  She has done all one can ask in regard to keeping things moving forward, guiding us through the process, and ensuring all the requisite "t's" are crossed and i's are dotted.  I would highly recommend her to any veteran planning on relocating to the Houston area. However, decline using USAA Mortgage services as the loan processor.  Nevertheless, even with her skills and contacts with USAA key players it appears that not only will we not meet the closing date. USAA's bungling of our mortgage application will possibly cost us at least some thousands of dollars.  On top of that and because the seller is only temporarily back from overseas, there is a distinct possibility he will be out of the country when a final closing date does get set.  In our case that could prove both financially and emotionally disastrous as my wife and I are time-bound in respect to our return to the states and we must have our home situation settled in order to arrange the plethora of items that come along with relocating after a prolonged stay out of country.


The saddest part is that even trying to carry the issue up line has proven futile.  Emailed enquires are met with...silence.  Phone calls are met with...voicemails (which I think I can recite verbatim since they all follow the same cookie-cutter template).  Even the vaulted USAA "My Alerts and Actions" link which promises a response within 24 hours must be working with a different clock... >10 days and not even an acknowledgement that the message was seen by a human body.  So what we are left with is a complete and total feeling of powerlessness.  This exercise in futility leaves me convinced that, in a total departure from USAA's highly regarded banking, investments, insurance, and member service groups, the Mortgage group is all but a failed organization.


Home buying is a tedious process at best.  In this regard, USAA has demonstrated by its actions that it does a great job when it comes to adding to that burdensome process in one significant way - an almost complete breakdown in communication with the veteran/client.  From reviewing the comments of other buyers on this site and my similar experiences, I must conclude the problem lies only partially with the day-to-day service reps.  More than likely, and again based on my experiences in the military and corporate worlds tell me the problem is mostly due to a corporate culture, if not set., at least condoned by the highest levels of corporate management and now entrenched in the Mortgage service group.  There is no way all of USAA Mortgage service reps can be as bad in communicating, passing documents to the correct office, or responding to direct enquiries as the posts on this site refer to and I have personally experienced.   In my mind it is either that or management has been given an impossible tasks or handed an impossible-to-manage organization.  


Fortunately, I am just as convinced USAA will ultimately correct this state of affairs, albeit too late to ameliorate our situation.  Hopefully, the correction will occur before many more of our veterans and/or their families are adversely affected.  They deserve better.




Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here in Community. I have passed this along to a mortgage specialist for review, and you will be contacted directly. Thank you, have a Happy New Year.