This is a question directed to the USAA Mortgage Underwriters.

Hello, this is Thad XXXXX and I am about to buy a home through USAA. I am in a strange situation where longevity on a job is potentially an issue. I was with one company for 5 years 9 months, moved up to a higher paying position at another company for 15 months, was hired by the third company for 10 months. Right at this moment, I just accepted an offer letter for a position with the most stable company in the industry for a salary raise, a position promotion, and better location in the city. I need to know what the underwriters would think? How would it be communicated to them that I took this job at the strange time a month before we close? What documentation do they require from me to ensure that I got the raise, that it was an ascending step up, and a better situation for me from a benefits standpoint? I want to hear a response from the underwriter community and their wise guidance. Thank you!


A while back we retired while in the process of contract. no problems it was a plus .... Don't worry advance they like it. Good luck and enjoy... Deeman

Hi Tdeus56,

Depending on the specifics of your new employment, this could be perfectly acceptable! The required documentation can vary and we would like to discuss this with you in greater detail. A mortgage expert will reach out to you shortly! (I have removed your full name from your post in order to protect your personal information). Thank you for posting!

Run Forest, run. PenFed will beat the pants off USAA's rates and service.

I agree with reality check, shop around USAA isn't giving it's members the best rates, or even great rates anymore (makes me wonder if they ever did).

Thanks Nick and RealityCheck. I decided to go elsewhere for my loan because USAA gave me trouble with misrepresented information on my preapproval. I am going to use my social media to expose their practices. They don't help as they are a machine as opposed to people friendly.


The worst part about this; you couldn’t even ask your Loan Process directly, because I am sure, like mine, they never answer their phone or respond to emails huh?


On another note though, since you did restart through another lender - did you get your earnest money back from USAA?  And did they require you to pay for the appraisal?  I am half way through a similar situation, were they are now telling us 2 weeks from closing, since my husband is a contractor and hasn’t been with them for 2 years, they need proof he is guaranteed two years of employment from this company. If not, we have to start our loan AGAIN, as a joint loan, which pushes back out closing date.  

Usaa did the same thing on my pre-approval.  Unfortunately I was assited by one of the rudest reps I have ever spoke with on the phone (which is very rare for Usaa, I have always looked forward to dealing with them).  Then she quoted me for 11 months of tax escrow and asked me "where are you going to get all this money from" completely unacceptable.  They were estimating over $29,000 in closing costs on a $280,000 loan, I know the taxes are high in NY but $29,000, c'mon.  I'm definately going somewhere else.  Maybe Penfed?  I guess they are getting quite the advertisement here. 

Excellent choice to go elsewhere.  I wish I had not gotten involved with the mess of disorganized people they call USAA Mortgage Services.  They don't operate in a vacuum so why does USAA continue to allow such horrid service?

Dear "bad mortgage service",

I am sorry you have not been happy with our Mortgage services. I would like to get a specialist in contact with you to discuss how we can better serve our members and see if there is anything we can do to salvage our relationship with you? If you wouldn’t mind, could you please fill out this form? Thank you for commenting in the community, we look forward to hearing from you.