We went through pure "H E Double Hockey Sticks"  purchasing our home this summer through USAA.  They were the worst.  Problem after problem.  Delayed closings.  They told me more than 24 hours AFTER the closing time (that was put off at the last minute) that now after they looked at my paperwork more closely they were going to deny the loan! Unbelievable.  No returned calls.  Horrific.  All the documents were wrong at closing - had me as an unmarried single borrower, had the taxes so screwed up on HUD that it was off by +$100 a month, etc.  And now here we go again.  About a month ago I received a refund check for $350 stating that after an internal audit of recently completed mortgages they found that the HUD documents were STILL incorrect and they owed me a refund from overpayment at closing.  Well OK then.  And today I get a letter stating that the HUD documents were STILL incorrect and now I owe THEM $238 dollars as they misfigured my escrow and the $238 is needed to get me "caught up"!  Let me repeat - NEVER EVER EVER USE USAA MORTGAGE.  I'm a 17 year 2nd generation member and have always been pleased.  But their mortgage dept is just plain incompetent.


Dear Wendy,

I cannot imagine the stress and frustration this communication and documentation mix-up has caused you. I would like to get you in touch with a specialist right away to sort out these issues and make sure we truly have everything in order. Please email us at socialmedia@uaaa.com with your member number and the details you provided above. We look forward to hearing from you.