Never in a million years will I ever try to buy a home through USAA again. The process is a nightmare I will never want to wish on anyone. I wish I would of read some of these posts before going with them. The Mortgage Team does evering in their power to work against the customer by adding last minute requirements, not communicating, and coming up with every excuse to blame the customer (I thought we were in the same team...NOT!). Maximizing profits by hiring inexperience workers will only serve to drive away customers in the long are better than this USAA!


I had a similar experience with USAA. When all was said and done, I was denied for a mortgage due to ONE late payment on my rental history. Six months later however, I was approved through another bank! From start to finish, it took exactly 30 days to get my keys in my hand!!! I guess some things aren't meant to be. I'm very happy with my new home...
My loan was approved but what a drawn out ordeal. Never again.

I'm scheduled to close on my house next week. I agree with this poster 100%.  It's just not the same 'easy' feeling you get with other USAA services.  I wouldn't use them again.

Absolutely agree. USAA is great for many things. Mortgage IS NOT one of them. Horrible experience!