The Worst Experience/Service We have Ever Had

My husband and I applied for a mortgage from USAA.  We were assigned a mortgage processor who made us feel as though we were more of a burden than a human being and very unworthy.  She would frequently lose our documents causing us to resend them 3+ times.  She would never keep us informed of the status of our loan.  She typically would contact us on Fridays between the time of 1630-1700 therefore not affording us the opportunity to contact her with questions due to her getting off from shift at 1700 and with the weekend coming into play.  She has no idea how to handle National Guard documents.  She asked us twice why my husband's LES doesn't reflect BAS, because he is a traditional member.  You would think, USAA employees would know this.  I had to explain how the National Guard works not once but twice. 


We were denied a mortgage loan.  I proceeded to speak with the mortgage manager and he repeated more times than I can count, that "a reasonable person" cannot have two fulltime jobs.  Military families, especially dual military families, are far from the typical American family or "reasonable person" as so heavily stated by the mortgage manager.  My husband and I are both in the national guard but in two different branches. We just completed 3 back to back deployments to Afghanistan.  Three back to back deployments!  My husband ended up getting injured in Afghanistan therefore I took on two jobs.  I supplied everything the mortgage processer requested each time she decided to grace us with an email which we would conveniently receive on Friday afternoons right before her shift ended leaving us no time to contact her.  We left her several voicemails also, with very limited responses back.   I gave pay stub after pay stub therefore proving I had two jobs but the manager would only consider the income from one job because "a reasonable person" doesn't have two jobs.  We are very disappointed with USAA and the way we were treated.  We did some research and found out this same situation happened to 3 other families which leads me to believe these actions could be discriminatory.  


I thought USAA was here to help military families, not make them feel unworthy and unimportant.  


I'm sorry you guys went through's total BS! A "reasonable person" is I language cooked up by the banks so the can deny poor people their benefits. (I don't mean to assume that you're poor, but you don't work two jobs if one can make ends meet) Do you mind me asking what you mean by their actions being discriminatory???

Wow,, that is a horrible story. Should never have work out like that. Its weird to me because I had the exact opposite experience with my refi on my house. Yes I had to provide a laundry list of documents that I found frustrating,,but needed, I am glad they made me do it however. My personal records and stuff from 22 years in the Army, tax documents, letters from the VA and other documentation were not well organized. So ya I jumped thru hoops to get the loan but in the end it forced me to be more organized. They were meticulous about the paperwork I needed to scan and email. In the end it got done. No one is perfect in life or finances. USAA knows that. But i will admit the standard is set high for home loans thru USAA. Im not saying you didnt make the cut at all. I think its because a home loan is an investment for the bank. Ya its a loan for you. But they have to make wise investments to make money in the long run. Home loans are long term investments by the bank. And even tho they get the house if you mess up too bad, they really dont make a whole lot of money off it. So its a long term slow growth investment. To be honest Im glad the standards are high. I ended up doing the same thing for my truck and then moved all my insurance needs to USAA. This is one old Soldier who USAA worked out better than expected. I hope you get things worked out. I will say a little prayer for you and your family.


Dear COLO,

I apologize for the delayed response and an extremely sorry to hear about your experience with our mortgage process. I have escalated your concerns and we would really appreciate the opportunity to get more details about what happened to make sure nothing like this happens again. We would be so grateful if you could email us at with your member number and the details you provided above. Thank you.


I wanted to check in with you-I see that someone has reached out. I just wanted to make sure you are getting the assistance you need. Thank you.