Texas Property Tax - 2015 Changes in Homestead Exemptions for Military Families stationed outside of Texas

Texas S.B. 833 which was passed on June 19, 2015 closes a gap in the homestead exemption for Texas military families who are stationed out of state.


Previously, members of the military who have their homestead in Texas but are on active duty orders outside of the United States are allowed to retain their homestead property tax exemption. However, those who are on military orders within the United States lost their homestead exemption.

S.B. 833 ensures that military service members are treated equally, regardless of where they are stationed (either inside or outside the United States).  Military families can now regain their homestead exemptions if it was previously taken away under the old tax code.

The details of the law can be found here - http://www.legis.state.tx.us/BillLookup/history.aspx?LegSess=84R&Bill=SB833

This law was authored by my State Senator, Donna Campbell, after her and her staff responded to my correspondence regarding this issue and the burden of additional taxes it placed on military families.


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