I am so glad I saw these posts before I signed off on these loan papers because I assume it will only get worse. I am definitely going to find another lender tomorrow because I am so annoyed with their customer service!! I have been a member for over 25 years and decided to try USAA for a new mortgage. This is my third home purchase but my first time for using USAA. Getting the pre-qualified letter was easy, but then calling back to do the application after I got a signed contract has been horrible! I am so sick of waiting for a rep, then being put on hold, then transfered to another hold.  I finally was able to get the application completed/approved, and oh yeah...I would have to pay 2.875% points totaling $3441, for the rate given. When the originator told me that I was shocked and told her so, she could have cared less. I was NEVER even given rate/point options. I got the paperwork Friday and I sent an email to the originator with my concerns. But with the terrible overall service I received as well as the ambiliance, I really doubt she will respond. I am so disappointed with USAA. 


Thank you for the posts and warnings!




Dear member,


I am sorry you have been having issues and feeling frustrated, I have sent your comments over to our mortgage department for review. A specialist should be reaching out to you. Thank you.

I appreciate that, but I was able to get through to someone who was able to help me and answer my questions, so a call is not needed. I just wish that when I was on the phone last Wednesday that orignator/loan processor was as helpful. I have been worrying about something that is not even an issue yet. On the other hand I spoke with someone form the Insurance deptarment to get a new homeowners policy and as usual the rep was wonderful! (I wish I remembered her name).

Thank you for the update!

No surprise their underwriters barely know how to read a bureau....