I've been a dutiful USAA customer for five years.  I switched over from another bank because I was so pleased with our experience in purchasing a new car through USAA. 


I expected the same excellent service when we decided to buy a home.  The mortgage pre-approval process was painless, and the service was excellent.  I was pleased and so satisfied with USAA that I informed another lender I'd approached that I would instead just go with USAA.


It's unfortunate then that after the initial few weeks, when we finally selected a home and began the process, that the service and excellence I came to expect from USAA completely vanished.  Paperwork was lost (digiftal paperwork!) so that I had to frequently submit multiple copies of my supporting documents.  Yes, there were bumps along the way, one major one on our part that we quickly resolved.  On the part of USAA...consistent mixups, lost documents, the website is AWFUL, and worst...far worst...3 days ago we were told that everything was FINALLY good, and we could close. 


Today, three days before closing, after a nighmarish day of frenzied calls, we've come to accept that we won't be getting our dream house because USAA had spent the ENTIRE processing time using grossly underestimated taxes and insurance.  The difference is so gross that it puts the house outside of what the VA will allow us because of our risidual income.  


I've spent today alternating between speechless rage and directionless frustration.  I provided an insurance quote at USAA's request a month ago.  No one bothered to check that quote against the estimate?  No one could have told us a month ago that there might be a problem?  


This is not just one issue.  This has been two straight months of misery.  I've tried reaching out to customer service and all I get is a "Thank you, we'll try to make the system better".  


Well now I'm reaching out to the community.  This has been an awful, miserable, infurating process.  If you're going to lose my documents, torture me with mistakes that give me mini-heartattacks every other day, and then THREE DAYS before closing tell me we won't get the house because no one could be bothered to even look at the documents I sent?  You tell me that, and I'm telling you you've lost a client.


Worse, my blind faith and acceptance of USAA didn't make me shop around and look online at reviews like the one I'm writing here.  If I'd taken a few minutes to look online I'd have seen all the poor reviews and I'd have through twice.  


As is my agent has vowed to steer her clients away from USAA, and I will do the same to my friends in our large military community.  Go with a small town bank.  They won't treat you like a number, and their business depends on them doing a good job.  


I believe that USAA should be held to the numbers they provided in the initial disclousure, and should eat the cost of the difference with the closing disclousure.  Clearly they're not taking their customers' reviews seriously, and not being held accountable for the terrible service.  Don't tell me "Thanks, we'll do better" and screw another person over.  Take one in the pocketbook and prove that you care about your customers. 




We regret to hear of your experience. Your comments have been escalated for review and response. We look forward to speaking with you further regarding this matter.