I had a plumbing backup that caused a leak into my property.  We had to have all hardwoods and carpet cleaned / replaced due to this issue.  After everyt was taken care of and we were issued the money from the claim, the issue happened AGAIN.  The plumber came out again and notified us the issue was mis-diagnosed by the first plumber. 


In order to correct the issue, our yard would have to be dug up, a large bush pulled up, and the line replaced.  My insurance adjusted informed me that this would NOT be covered in the policy, however INGRESS and EGRESS to access the pipe would be covered.  I explicitly stated in the recorded phone conversation what was needed multiple times and she re-assured me the ingress / egress to access the pipe would be covered.  However once I had the plumber issue an itemized bill breaking everything down as requested by my adjuster, the adjuster then told me it would NOT be covered, as the pipe was outside and not in the home, directly conflicting her original statement. 


What course of action do I have on this matter?  I am extremely frustrated and honestly at this point can't afford to have it fixed.  I guess USAA just wants this to back up into my home again and I'll file another $10,000-$20,000 claim... if they want to spend more money... who am I to stop them?


@TeslaWheeling, my goodness two back-to-back water leaks.  How terrible. As to your question about course of action, I'll need to coordinate a call from our homeowners claim division for a specialist.  They'll review your file completely and reach out to talk to you about the issue and next steps. - Ina

@TeslaWheeling, following back up as I just received an update from my claims colleague that you received a callback in connection to your concerns.  Has everything been addressed to your satisfaction? - Ina