I have been a member for over 30 years.  I am a retired Field Grade Officer.  I have great credit.  USAA started lying to me from the start of the loan process.  I even recorded some of the phone calls because of all the lies the two main people working there were telling me.  I then would replay word for word what they said previously but some how the requirements kept changing.  Forms were filled out several times and I was threatened that I had to fill them out again.  I was even threatened that they would cancel my mortgage request if I did not fill out forms that were not even required.  USAA needs to retrain most of their employees or fire them.  The firing should include a lot of their supervisors.  I do not know if the problem is at the top or the top does not know what is going on under their supervision.  Now I am fighting over payments being made.  I made a payment of $2,000.00 and a payment of $1,200.00.  My payments should be a little over $1,000.00 including insurance and taxes.  I have only been given credit of around $250.00 taken off of the loan.  I understand there is interest, insurance and taxes.   It does not take a genious to see you have shorted me on my payments from the loan.



I've had similar and even worse problems. They have stolen thousands of dollars from me by appying payments to interest and not principal. I have escalated the situation to the Office of the CEO. They did NOTHING to help resolve the errors. And these errors are such that they would be obvious to a ten year old child. The people in the Home Equity Loan Department are rude, poorly trained, and unwilling to budge no matter how obvious their errors are.

I've been a member for 27 years and have never experienced anything so completey awful as dealing with their Home Equity Loan Office. The people working there are clueless. Even their statements are full of errors.


I have escalated your issues and concerns to the mortgage department. Someone should be in contact with you shortly. Please keep us updated and let us know if we can assist in any other way. Thank you for posting in the community.

I've escalated this issue a dozen times, including three times to the Office of the CEO, who completely ignored me. And I get the same stonewall every time. I'm taking this issue to the State of Georgia Banking and Finance Department. My goal is that when I am finished USAA will no longer be allowed to do any mortgage service in the State of Georgia. Period. The auditors and the programs in your computers in the Home Equity Loan Department DO NOT WORK!!! After fighting this issue for nine months I started receiving statements with the wrong payment amount due. How difficult is it for that Department to even issue a correct monthly statement. They are a joke. A very sad joke. There's not a single person in that Department worth speaking to.

BTW, USAA has single handedly destroyed my credit scores. And every few months a new address appears on my credit reports profile. I finally asked where this incorrect information is coming from, and their reply is USAA. And there appears to be no one to contact regarding this misinformation USAA is reporting to the credit bureaus.

Ms Hartzell, do you ever get the feeling that you might be trying to patch the hole in a boat with a straw bottom? I am a 40 year member of usaa with multiple previous mortgages through usaa and never a single complaint. Now after going through an e
Very torturous application process, my complaint has been elevated to the CEO' s office, as has Robbo's, and thanks to their failed promises may end up in legal proceedings. What has happened to USAA in the time since belonging was viewed as a privilege? Where has the culture of providing a trustworthy and professional service gone? Why after singing the praises of usaa am I and obviously more than a few others so sadly served?