After several years of good service with USAA and a fabulous experience last July handling a prior mortgage loan, I'm finding that I have never been so disappointed as I am with our current mortgage processing. After mailing the initial paperwork, I constantly checked the online access area for information about documents or information needed to continue.  Nothing appeared for quite some time and we were unable to make any kind of contact with our loan processor whom we were told was on leave.  Finally, I uploaded documents that I just assumed would be needed so as to allow the process to move forward whenever someone was able to get to it.  I estimate that I did this about 2 weeks after submitting the contract. By this time, the VA appraisal was still not ordered. After receiving several complaints from the seller's representative concerning our lack of approval, VA appraisal, termite inspection or closing date information we still could not contact our processor.  On a couple of occasions someone contacted our real estate agent requesting documentation, which he sent, but I later had to upload again. With only a week left before closing (a date which was already pushed back by more than 2 weeks) we have heard from a different processor that we may need to submit our termite letter a third time with the buyer's signature at the bottom.  This was never indicated by anyone prior to this.  So far, we have only spoken to our loan processor 1 time. The conversation was cut short, however, when her phone dropped out.  We never received another phone call from her. We are now 40 days into the process with no idea whether conditional approval, let alone final approval has been granted.  We can't get an answer about whether we need to submit another addendum to push the closing date even further back, which is unacceptable.  My husband needs to give his old and new job more notice than just a couple of days regarding a start date.  Our calls have been referred to a "manager" more than once, though we've never heard anything from them either.  Our USAA mortgage checklist now indicates required documentation, but some things, like the “childcare expense” sheet, gives no information regarding what on earth they want for it.  We can’t get in contact with anyone to find out, so we just wrote a signed note explaining how our childcare expenses are handled.  The checklist refers to a collection account that must be paid, but the account has been disputed and removed from our credit, so we don’t even have any contact information for the agency.  Again, we can’t get any answers from USAA to confirm that this is accounted for, but it remains on our checklist.  We understand that home sales are very high and communication may be limited, but it is not acceptable for it to be non-existent.  One representative told us that many customers prefer to be contacted via email.  We would be plenty happy with this method of communication, but we aren’t getting that either.  We receive no responses when we send them.


The final straw was when we were assured that the processor would contact us today.  She called my husband’s ex-wife.  Not even me, his current wife.  I have no idea how they even got her information.  Thank goodness his ex was kind enough to let us know instead of hanging up and forgetting about it.  I think it’s pretty clear that we have absolutely no working relationship with our loan processor when she finally attempts to contact us and ends up calling a woman who has absolutely no interest or right to hear our personal information.


Dear Strick0222,

Thank you for taking the time to provide the details of your current mortgage situation. I am so sorry to hear about some of the issues you are experiencing and have escalated your concerns to a mortgage specialist who will be reaching out shortly to ensure everything is in order. Thank you again for commenting.