Terrible Customer Service for Homeowners Insurance!!!

We are buying a home in Hawaii and received a quote from both USAA and Liberty Mutual for our homeowners insurance. Liberty mutual clearly beat out USAA in almost every area so I called USAA today to see if they would like to make a competitive bid for our business. We are talking a $700 difference per year in insurance and I made it VERY clear to the customer service agent (Carmen Banks) who took my call that we weren't looking for a price match and that we had been happy with USAA's coverage in the past and wanted to try and stay with them if possible. I asked if they could provide a somewhat competitive offer (not matching, just come down a LITTLE!!) and I was met with a total lack of concern whether or not I stayed with USAA at all. I even offered to email my Liberty Mutual quote to her so she could see the difference and try to make a better offer than what they had before. Not only was Carmen rude to me, but also aggressively questioned my ability to understand the difference in the insurance policies quotes. Excuse me madam, but I have a Ph.D. for goodness sakes. I believe I can read the policy agreements and how dare you question a customer's ability to understand what they are doing. But wait, it gets worse. When I asked to speak with a manager I was immediately told that one was not available and could possibly call me back within 48 HOURS. Are you kidding???? When I realized I wasn't getting anywhere with Carmen I asked to be transferred to a manager's voicemail so I could leave a personalized message. When I was transferred I left a message with Jennifer, who didn't state in her voicemail one way or another what her affiliation to the department was. I fear that I may have left a message on Carmen's deskmate's voicemail and it will be trashed. So, in the end I am completely disappointed with USAA. Although my husband and I have been loyal customers for over 20 years you just lost an account if for nothing else than hiring Carmen Banks and not training her better as a customer service representative. 



I am very sorry you had this experience when calling to talk to us about a homeowners insurance quote. I have escalated your concerns and someone will be in touch with you shortly. While I cannot change what has already passed, I would like to apologize and get you the service you deserve going forward. We look forward to talking to you.

Thank you Brianna for the prompt reply. I hate that I even needed to resort to posting this drama in a public venue, but I'm grateful that I at least had an opportunity to voice my concerns. I also believe that message boards like this are a good idea for USAA executives to understand what is going on wtihin their customer service departments.