Dont use USAA for any mortgage other than a simple first loan on a primary residence. They just don't care to work with the customer on anything that isn't cookie-cutter easy. The loan processors are little more than data entry clerks and resort to "you just don't understand" as their only explanation. My second home refi was denied because someone (with no name in underwriting decided it was part of a condo-hotel. After checking around I found a local lender who had no such issue.


Dear Member,

I am so sorry to hear about the lack of helpful service you received when trying to refinance your property. Whole we cannot change what has happened in the past, we would like the chance to get more details from you about what happend so we can ensure something like this does not happen again in the future. We would truly appreciate if you could send us more details and the best way to contact you here. Thank you for posting.