Our family has been with USAA for at least 11 years and up until now we were more or less happy with their coverage on our home and cars. Recently we notices several brown spots on the ceiling in our laundry room and hallway. Turned out to be roof leaks so naturally we called and an adjuster came out. This adjuster was from a company called ALLCAT Claims which is a contracted firm. Although the guy was polite and informative of the process their claim was a joke. Our home is over 3500 sqft and valued at approx. 400K.

I don't believe that we have ever filed a homeowners claim. Our home was built in 2006 so our roof is 14 years old. Normally, that is close to the life of the average roof anyway. Our estimate was $1200 despite missing shingles.

Time for a change, perhaps I'll be in better hands with Allstate or State Farm.


@SFC RET AUSTIN Thank you for sharing your experience. I have escalated your concerns to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 2 to 3 business days. 

You will most likley get the usual, just like we did: We are sorry to hear about this, we are looking into this, we are forwarding to the appropriate people, and will get back to you, NEVER. You will gonna be waiting....

Thats the same answer I got...we'll get back to you...yada yada yada.


Shop around.  You will find better rates and customer service than what USAA offers.  USAA is just not the company it once was.

Dealing with ALLCAT and USAA on our recent homeowner’s claim has been a nightmare.