O thy Inland!
You are centric symbol,
of the Galaxy's homeland.
Inland Empire of space civilization at all.
Pearl of the wisdom of space,
and knowledge of the Galactic Empire.

When human to inhabits to the planet Mars,
acquires to the satellite Moon, 
The first Galactic Empire born,
as the completed of the parts. 
Inland Empire of the space ages,
Driven from heart of the United States.

A sacred spirit of holy space, 
Declared the Galactic Edge. 
Grow, grow and grow,
Like a from the ground zero,
Human head touch the star,
Throughout the sky to being a space master.

Good Master!
A human from the planet Earth,
Will it grow like this that his head will touch to a star?

Spirit of the holy space said, 
It is example of a tale of human growth activities,
Galactic Inland Empire will be spread,
around the universe like this possibilities. 

So the Empire was born this age,
will be facilitated space to grow & spread.
It is destiny of the people,
and fate of the man kind.

From Inland,
To the Galaxy,
Human kind's homeland,
Zeroth to the infinity.
Love and kindness of Sire,
Empire, Empire, Empire.


And after that he finished off his fifth of tequila and was never heard from again!