Switching insurance companies cuts rate in half--either direction?

My mom was paying $1900/yr for homeowners insurance with Allstate. She switched to USAA and is now paying $1000. Not sure why the huge discrepancy.

I'm paying $1300/yr with USAA, and Allstate is offering $678. My brother had the same experience: Switching from USAA to Allstate cut his rate almost in half.

I asked both companies to explain what's going on, and nobody has any idea. They had lots of guesses: different valuation software for the house (nope--used the same valuation for both). Different locations (nope--same house. Plus my Mom lives right near me.).

Nobody knows why, but the simple fact is that getting a new quote may cut your rates in half, so I guess just do that occasionally.


@Bufuddled, those are quite a difference in rates when quoting and reviewing your family's as well as your home insurance needs.  For homeowners policies, there are many factors that can affect a rate from home characteristics, public fire protection information, territory, and the amount of insurance.  We'd like to help each of you and review/compare the homeowners policies with the quotes to better assist you in reviewing coverage, gaps, savings and discounts.  When ready, please upload your policies through usaa.com and then reach out to us via chat or phone to address your rate concerns with our insurance specialists.  ~ Marco

Thank you for the quick reply. However, I already called USAA this morning to discuss coverage and compare rates, and the insurance specialist had no idea why USAA was charging me twice what it was charging my mom and twice what All State was charging for the same coverage with the same valuation. They basically agreed that I should switch to All State, because they had no explanation for the huge difference in rates.


It seems like calling again would get me the same result. Am I missing something?

@Bufuddled- we are happy to do a review and compare your policy and quotes with you. Unfortunately we don't price match between insurers and we cannot compare one person to another. It sounds like you have already spoken with us regarding your insurance recently though. We are always willing to quote or compare with you again in the future. Your membership will always be here for you. Let us know if you would like an updated quote.~Shawna