After a full month of working with XXXXXXX XXXXXX and sending him duplicate copies of many requested items, our final signed mortgage documents were emailed to us on July 25. The documents were immediately signed by my husband and me. We were told that we were ready for closing scheduled on July 29. At that time, Mr. Garcia went on vacation and we were given to another mortgage processor, XXXXX XXXXXX. Ms. Gaylor contacted us at 5:00 pm on the evening before closing and told us that we were missing a document. Although the missing document had been provided to Mr. Garcia over 2 weeks prior to this, we sent the document again to this new processor. Ms. Gaylor told us that she now had all of the required documentation and that the package would be sent to the final reviewing agent. Our title agency lawyers stayed late at work that night hoping to receive the mortgage paperwork. They did not receive the paperwork that night. Early the next morning, we attempted to contact USAA Mortgage Department regarding our documents. On the morning of closing, Ms. Gaylor was also on vacation and we were told that manager, XXXXXX XXXXXXXX was at a doctor's appointment. There was not a single mortgage processor in the office at USAA on the morning of 29 July, the day of our closing. A 9 am closing was scheduled with 2 realtors, title company lawyer, sellers and buyers. USAA still had not sent closing documents to the title company. My husband had to spend over 3 hours on the phone with the resolution department at USAA in order to get the closing documents sent to the title attorney. Meanwhile all parties were waiting at the title office for the paperwork. This is extremely unprofessional. My husband and I are both veterans who have banked with USAA for over 23 years. This is not an appropriate way to treat long-time customers of USAA.




Thank you for posting in the Community. We regret to hear of this matter and have escalated your concerns. We look forward to working with you to resolve this matter.

I feel your pain.  We're supposed to close in three days.  We were given the all clear last Friday that everything looked good for closing.  Just today USAA called me to say that (once again! one of MANY screw ups) that we aren't going to clear final approval with the underwriters for complicated reasons that are ALL ON USAA.  I'm beyond frustrated with the negligent handling of such an important process to a client.  Which I will NOT be very soon!


Best of luck on your closing.  I hope things go better.



Your concerns have previously been escalated to your bank point of contact for review. If you have any additional questions, please refer to your bank point of contact.