All people at USAA that helped me were so nice and great but today I am closing and I don't know who is responsible for this but the Closing disclosure I got three days ago I was told the closing amount due would change and I would know the correct amount from the closing agent. So the closing agent calls me at 5pm to tell me what my final closing costs are! And I'm closing the following day at 1230! I wasn't even given 24 HR notice. So I don't have a USAA bank here and I called USAA they were helpful but couldn't wire the money to me in time or rather guarantee it because they needed 24 hrs. They couldn't get a certified check to me in time. And we have already pushed closing back 4 times because USAA wasn't ready which is okay with me they are just being thorough. But I can't push closing back anymore as I have to be out of my apartment in two days. So USAA worked hard and they extended my cash withdrawal for a large amount and told me I can go to any bank and have the cash withdrawal asking whatever bank I can find to do that but give it to me in check form. So I am on my way to do that right now, I will let you know the results. But this is a huge inconvenience. I bank with usaa, have my insurance and now my mortgage through them, they shoulda helped me with making sure I had a certified check in time. And if this other bank I have to go to charges me a fee for this then I just feel it's not fair. So it might not even be USAA fault but the closing amount due should be given better in advance since USAA isn't at every state, it inconveniences the customers doing this process. I will update after this is done today and let you know my results.


Hi Miracle1,


Thank you reaching out to us in Community. I have passed along your concerns to a banking representative who will be reaching out directly to you.