DONE! I have never met such a unprofessional group. They are trying to save money and hiring young people who don't know how to talk to Veterans. I applied for a home refinance and told I was approved. I get my package in the mail and had a few questions so I called. The young lady was so rude. I then get a call from my title company saying USAA said you were declined? I said "what" they sent me package to complete and return. I called USAA to find out what was going on and the young girl tells me "I think they reviewed your file and changed their mind" I said "changed their mind". She said YES you"ll get your decline letter in mail and hung up. Disrespectful to Vets go back to people who cared and made your company what it is today!




I am so very sorry. This is not the experience we want you to have. I have escalated your situation and passed along your feedback.  A specialist will be reaching out to your shortly to see how we can make this situation better. Thank you for posting.