My Realtor warned me about USAA and not to use them but being member for 16 years I thought I had a good relationship.  Wrong!  After getting preapproved for my loan and then being stringed along for weeks I was ultimately denied.  I had to explain a $2600 deposit which is average but they determined it to be large.  Please stay away and go local, they WILL waste your time.  I have been preapproved twice for autos and once for a boat and every time the dealer or local bank beats there interest rates by at least 1% (the boat 2%) and USAA refuses to match it. 

USAA is a great insurance company as well as basic banking but there loans are a waste of time.


I have a similar story. The Mortgage process with USAA was a complete NIGHTMARE and ultimately delayed our closing date by more than 2 weeks! Andrea Phelan was rude and impossible to get a hold of. USAA tries to tell you they will fix everything and they know there are issues but we closed well over 18 months ago and it appears they haven't fixed anything. STAY AWAY FROM USAA MORTGAGES!!!! Steve
So I started my home buying search back in June and locked in a rate of 3.875 in July. I couldn't of been happier. But then there was an issue with the title. Not a big deal until my closing got delayed by it. Then I was informed that the process was taking to long and Usaa was going to cancel my application and I would have to resubmit. Not a big deal. I was then informed that even though the rates were lower I would have to pay a fee to extend my rate or be given worst case financing. Seemed odd but ok. Then we had to extend the rate again because of the tittle. Finally everything was done and resubmitted. This was a great feeling until I got a phone call that said my water and termite inspection had expired and they had to be redone which resulted in another rate extensions and another fee. Fast forward to closing. Now on my closing day I was like a kid on Christmas I couldn't sleep and was Barely holding in my excitement until I got my hud1 form which showed a 4.0 apr and over 1500 dollars in fees. Which is slightly higher then my 3.875 and no fees. So I call and am told that because I withdrew my loan I got worst case financing and had to pay for rate extensions and also pay to lock in my rate. So now I wasn't getting my original rate and paying much more then planned after talking to 3 different people I was basically told this was my fault because I withdrew my original loan. When I explained what had happened and that Usaa canceled my loan I was basically told that's not what my file said and to bad. So a long process turned into a nightmare where Usaa not only changed my rate but then charged me for it. When I explained my displeasure at the situation and asked as a long time loyal usaa member for some help in this I was told no. I explained to all 3 people that from this horrible experience I would start to look for banking else where and would stop doing business with them. I was told ok go ahead. I have never felt so beat down from a business. So fair warning to anyone looking to use usaa home loans mistakes will be made and the only person that will be found at fault is you the consumer. I guess the family image they try to portray is only when it benefits them. So now I will start looking for a new banking and insurance company. Maybe one that actually cares about their customers.

scubasteve81 and Skidgel,


I have responded to your initial comments here. Thank you.



I am sorry to hear that you have not had a pleasant experience recently. I would like to get someone in contact with you to discuss. I have passed this along to our baning team for review, and they will be in touch with you. Thank you.