In the past 3 years USAA has arbitrarily increased my Homeowners rates by 27% in DFW area of TX by estimating my rebuild costs to ridiculous numbers that I can get NO other insurance company to duplicate.  All other insurance companies are $100k+ less than USAA estimates.  I have shared this and been back to USAA multiple times and even did their virtual updates for an additional review which they promptly raised the value even more.  I have fought this every year for 3 years and they want to increase my rate 12.7% with no justification.  Am I the only one experiencing these issues?  They said we could adjust the coverage down but I would lose my Home Protector coverage if I did that whereas their competition has much lower estimates, they also include their Home Protector coverage with that estimate.  So USAA wants me to pay more money for LESS COVERAGE and is not willing in any way to budge or have a reasonable discussion.  All of this seems to be punishment for my first claim from hail damage on my roof 2 years ago, my ONLY claim in 23 years.


Hello, @frac72. This is very concerning to read, indeed. Please, bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further support. ~ Steven

Welcome to the new USAA whose main objective is to enrich its CEO and upper management.  I left USAA after 40 years for better coverage at better rates and far better customer service.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.