We have been loyal USAA members for years using all services for banking, insurance, etc. So, naturally when purchasing a home, we decided to go with USAA. Biggest mistake we've made in this entire process. We had heard horror stories from others on their lack of communication and delayed closings due to processors, but given our fantastic experience with other services, I thought they just had bad luck. I realize now that this is a company wide issue that needs to be addressed in order for me to continue any type of loyalty to this company. We have had nothing but difficulty getting timely responses from our processor. She's been unresponsive to email and phone, doesn't answer questions fully when responding and now it sounds like we're going to be delayed over a week in closing because of her. Frustrated doesn't even begin to cover how angry I am at the situation.

As of noon today, our title company had not heard anything from USAA for our closing scheduled tomorrow morning at 8am. It took us many, many phone calls and emails to get a hold of someone to finally hear that we wouldn't be closing until August 22. This is completely and utterly unacceptable given the amount of time that the processor had to gather the information.

We have multiple contractors, painters, moving crews. Have had to reshuffle personal work commitments, my son's surgery, and many other things. And that's just on the side of the buyer. The sellers are in the same boat, plus the agents, title company. I don't understand how USAA can consistently delay closings by a week and it be ok.

If we do not close tomorrow morning as scheduled, I will very seriously question our commitment to USAA in all services.

My point, if you're considering using their mortgage services, don't be as naive as we were. Run quickly in the other direction.


I completely understand your frustration. I went through a different lender because of reviews. I know this doesn't change a thing for you but I wish you the best. But to clarify this being my 3rd home purchase with perfect credit no DTI problems a 5 star rated bank I was still put through ringer. With the multitude of regulations and butt covering it unfortunately puts the consumer at HUGE DISADVANTAGE. Hang in there while also getting a back up plan in place.

I completely understand the frustration. I am going through the same process and before starting the mortgage application USAA has run mine and my wife's credit twice without our permission. I am still waiting on an explanation and for those inquiries to be removed from my credit but no luck so far. I am minutes away from going to social media. I know it seems small but this is a trending issue with USAA as they have opened themselves to more third party services. Standards are not being maintained.


I am in the process of purging USAA from my financial life and although this is proving to be difficult and time consuming I feel its the only way they are going to get the point. I wish you the best on closing and my apologies for using this venue to vent.

Well, it was quite the whirlwind, but we finally got the support we needed from USAA with their membership advocacy specalist, Teresa.  She was wonderful, helpful, and responsive. All of the qualities that we've grown to love about USAA with our other services.


We WERE able to close on Friday afternoon (originally scheduled to close Thursday, 8/14, then given an 8/22 closing date).  Unfortunately, as is often the case in these situations, a delayed closing caused a bit of a domino effect with all of the agents, sellers, and buyers.  We're still working through the stress and inconvenience of that, but are starting to "clear the dust" on the situations.


I will certainly give credit where credit is due.  Once the problem was escalated, USAA moved mountains to make sure that our needs were taken care of and we could not thank Teresa enough. 


I'll be very honest and say that it would be extremely hard to convince us to use the mortgage services again, but we will definitely be keeping their other services. 


Thank you for sharing your update. We are so glad Teresa was able to help you. Please let us know if you need anything else!

Hello FrustratedX1000

How were you able to get in contact with a membership advocacy specialist. I was scheduled to close tomorrow, however I have been waiting for more than two weeks to see my Appraisal, which I know USAA has received. So needless to say, I will not be closing tomorrow. All i hear is that the underwriting department is behind  a week. I am so tired of hearing that, all I want is the Appraisal report so we can get the ball rolling and correct the deficiencies, if any.


If you have not heard from a member advocacy specialist already, please email us at socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number and best way to contact you so we can ensure someone is looking into your situation immediately.


Thank you

Theresa and I have made contact with each other.