I have been a USAA customer for a couple years now. I financed an RV, no issues. Use their credit card, no issues. Have my car insurance with them, no issues (they did great when I had a vandalism claim).

Now my wife and i are buying a home so USAA was a natural choice. So far, no issues. We are building s home that won't be ready until mid-October, so I will follow up as this progressss and hopefully will have a happy ending and good experience to report.

Pre-qualification was a no brainer and went smoothly.

Got our signed purchase agreement over to them (uploaded online) and my mortgage rep called me within a couple hours. We had a conversation, he asked some questions and had resign docs to me shortly there after. Signed the docs and rec'd an email asking for income docs, etc. I uploaded immediately and got contacted within two days via email that my info was submitted for first review.

I have zero complaints so far and really hope it continues to go this smoothly so we can close on time 5 months from now when our home is built.

I will repost as this progresses.

So far so good!


Good evening Jrich916 and thank you so much for taking the time to give your experiences with our products and congrats on the purchase of your new home. We look forward in helping you though each step of the buying process and please feel free at anytime to ask us questions we are here for you. #loveourmembers - Ralph