So Far Buying a Home has been stress free & easy (thanks to USAA!)

I contacted USAA probably during one of the worst times ever (on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend).  Colleen helped me with my pre-approval (pre-qual) process, was extremely patient and informative and processed everything AND got it all done on that Friday afternoon.  Thank you USAA (& Colleen) for so far a seemless, stress-free process. Switching everything to USAA has been the best choice I could have made. Next is Homeowners Insurance (after home purchase).


Hi Trase, Thank you so much for sharing your experience! It is our privilege to serve you! :)

Just to clarify, preapproval for a mortgage is not the same thing as prequalified.  Prequalified is easier to obtain because your financial strength is not being scrutinized beyond verbal information you are providing.  Preapproval entails you actually applying, your credit reports actually being pulled, etc.


And if your financial status or credit history should significantly change between the time of preapproval and actually attempting to apply for a property loan, you could still get denied.


But it sounds like you are at least off to a good start!


*If you would like a better, more in-depth comparison between mortgage prequalification vs. mortgage preapproval, googling that phrase should bring up several websites with an actual article explaining the variance between the two.