I just had to evict terrible tenants who violated the lease and left it smelling like an ashtray. I tried to claim it as vandalism under my rental property coverage, but it isn't covered, so beware! I now have Geico insurance. They tossed away a 33 year member.


Thank you for sharing. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and look further into your policy details before you decide to look elsewhere for insurance.  Your feedback is very important to us and we look forward to speaking with you in more detail.  An insurance specialist will be reaching out shortly. Thank you

I spent 3 days giving USAA the opportunity. Would more details matter? My policy is 2757418. Now I've changed my car insurance, canceled my usaa credit card and stopped all mutual fund deposits. Tomorrow I cancel checking . and savings, and call Fidelity to roll my IRAs into their funds.
Michael_SUSAA, you said I would hear from an insurance specialist "shortly". That was two days ago, but the kind of service I now realize is the USAA norm

Frustrated Ex Ref -


Good morning and Happy 4th of July!  In reviewing your account, I do see where a request for a callback was submitted immediately after your first post on late Friday afternoon. I apologize that proper expectations were not set initially to advise a callback could take up to one business day. I will gladly check to see if a subject matter expert is on duty today and ask that they follow-up with you despite the fact you have cancel your policy.

I did speak to someone today, who tried to explain that despite my policy declaring that "vandalism and malicious mischief" are clearly spelled out in my policy as being covered, creating "malicious mischief" by smoking in my house, which violates the terms of the lease m and created more incessant damage than punching holes in the drywall does not. How is that possible? Now I will be out the entire $3,800 to paint my house - but I DID save money by switching my auto insurance to Geico. Note: don't have someone else call me to again explain why the malicious mischief isn't covered. I've heard it 4 times now