I have been a satisfied customer of USAA for some time now. I took out my first mortgage with USAA and there were ZERO glitches. Everything went off as planned and it was a great experience. Fast forward to my current situation: I started a refinance with USAA expecting the same level of service as I had previously had, it didn't take long for me to become disappointed.


My initial contact A. Rodriguez was extremely helpful and was a pleasure to talk to every step of the way. However, once my refi went to processing, that's when thing went south...fast! I started a refi back in October, here I am mid January and I have no idea when I will close! My closing has been rescheduled more times than I can count. What's worse is that my processor has been completely unhelpful, and uninformative about what is being done to ensure that my loan will close. She's disappeared for 2 weeks once in the process, ignored my emails and questions, and has on occasion been dishonest in some of her responses. I've tried to reach out to her and to management but have yet to receive a response. I cannot believe that USAA is satisfied that processors in their employ are treating their customers this way.  I mean who is doing Quality Control on loans that are still not closed for this long??? What was advertised as a simple VA IRRRL has so far reached nearly 3 months...and I still have not been told what my closing date is!!!


USAA is quickly losing a previously loyal customer...


If anyone reading this cares...My loan processor is Kathryn xxxxxxxxxx



Thank you for reaching out to us in Community. I have sent this over to our bank team and will have them reach out to you directly. Thank you.

I just posted my BAD Service title. They are bad.

Dear Triple Seven,

I responded to your post here. Thank you

Yes I understand but still no one has reached out to me as you said. Where's USAA loyalty to servicemen and women. They are using commercials to pry on our family too join by using us as bate but we can not get anything in return!

Triple seven,


I am reaching out to a team member on the status of this. Thank you.