Sibling and I inherited a home together. All downhill from there. Advice on selling my share?

My sibling and I co-own as Tenants In Common.  After our parent died we both resided in the house for a period of time, but I moved away for a variety of reasons. We have had disagreements about what expenses should be shared, and about what each of us is entitled to by our ownership.  Considering everything past as water under the bridge, I don't want to continue our co-ownership arrangement.  Sibling has no interest in selling or in vacating the house, nor in buying my share.  What options do I have?  


You can give your ownership away to your sibling since they don't want to pay for it and you want to escape the burden.
Pardon my rudeness, but it sounded as if your sibling wasn't financially secure. They won't (I read can't) buy you out; they won't vacate the home for you both to sell it (I read can't afford to move). If gifting away your % of the house is distasteful to you, then perhaps consulting a lawyer to learn what other options are available for you might be a step for you to take.

I have to agree with this, you can get a lawyer or give them the house (a quit claim deed).   You'll need a lawyer for the quit claim, but it will be very inexpensive. 


Technically, you're not required to have a lawyer for the quit claim deed, but it would be ~$100 well spent. 

This is why parents should never give items 50/50. They should have required their estate to sell the house or have one sibling buy the other out