Seriously regretting applying for USAA mortgage

Be careful if you're on a tight timeline and you're applying for a mortgage with USAA. The experience I have had is a painfully long appraisal process. They contract tr heough a company called Servicelink, which costs $745! I received an email from Servicelink with my appraiser's contact info and asked him what a general appraisal would be for a different properry: he quoted $400! USAA made the cost nearly double. My mortgage processor did not have a clear explanation for this. In addition, the time of the appraisal has been dragging on and is now interfering with my ability to close.
I am very much regretting going through USAA - wanted to share this experience to warn others.


@OrangeJulius, I would like to forward your concerns to the appropriate area for review. Thank you for posting and allowing us the opportunity to take a look into this for you. ~ Suzy

I would never ever involve USAA in anything as important as a mortgage.  Shop arround.  You will find better rates and way better customer service. 

@Bigbb - Yep agree 100% - NEVER EVER USE USAA - disorganized, expensive, missed closing dates, what more could a member ask for.