- Home in NY

- Owe on mortgage

- On a VA loan

- purchased in 2008


I have a renter. It's covering my mortgage/escrow expenses, plus a minute amount above. The renter would like to buy but tells me the bank there has told them "you have the score but not the history".


Is there anything I can do to help my renter become a buyer? Would it help to sell it now as owner financed for 2 years with a balloon payment due in 2 years? While the rental situation is "working", I'd also like to be out from under the responsability of owning that house as I'm out of state. 

Is it possible/likely the lender holding that mortgage/escrow account could/would transfer the mortgage into the new buyer's name?

Not trying to make money at this point. Just want the property out of my name.

*Note for USAA - this is not reference the house I have escrowed with USAA.


Hello.  I would recommend contacting your "current mortgage servicer" to see what options exist for your situation, or reaching out to a licensed real estate agent for guidance.