We own a house in NC, we've been wanting to sell it since 2012, the market wasn't good and renting was a better option. We had a great property manager but retired and gave our house to someone less steller. We first ran into problems when our house sat empty for 5 months 2 years ago. It took her 2 months to list our house for sale an eventually we had to lower to renting price just to get somebody in.  Our last renter left 29 Nov.2016 and the property manager  I feel she didn't do her job. I've been bugging her since to have a link to list it. They used our photo's from Feb 2012. I shared the link on fb, a prospective tenant contacted me that she loved the pictures and wanted to move in ASAP, just wanted to see the house. I get  a reply from her saying my house looks destroyed compared to the pictures I sent her. Listed missing lights in kitchen, broken showerhead in master shower to rocks in the house, damaged cork floors to name a few. I don't want her as our property manager anymore, I feel lost and hands tied. We are stationed in Europe right now, on limited funds.  The property manager claims it only needs cleaned which the tenant didn't do nor had our carpets professionally cleaned. What can we do?


Looks like you have a property manager who is taking advantage of you being out of the country.

I would help you directly but I am in Florida. You should be able to cancel your contract with the PM and hire another. I can certainly refer you since I have fantastic connections in the Carolinas.

There is no reason You should be dealing with anyone who does business this way.

jeremybeckham@kw.com is my email.

Thank you so much! I am emailing you right now. Look out for the this ...Subject: Property Manager Help