I had a very bad experience with both Rusty Armstrong and Keith Johnson.  Rusty Armstrong was for the buyer and I got aunt's home sold for peanuts.  I have not received a penny from it yet.  Rusty Armstrong told me that he would send me his commission, but has not done that.  Rusty used Pulaski Title Company company and they are not reputable as well.  It was a small estate and Pulaski Title still has my funds.  My attorney Matt has it tied up in court as well.  The house was sold, but I did not know that the rest of this would be happening.  I had Rusty Armstrong do all the talking to Matt Henry, my attorney as he was terrible to talk to and demeaning among other things.  The buyer made nothing as to any fees.  I paid almost 10,000 for a 25,000 for a market value home of 72,000.  This is just not acceptable.  I am not certain, but it could be that Rusty knows the buyer as they are both from the same area in Texas. I am not a happy camper.


Keith Johnson does not have the same demeaner of the gentleman who passed away and it not good for this particular job.  There was no empathy, he was just doing a job and I felt it.  Get someone else for this job.


I have asked Keith to ask his boss to call me.