Selling a home & buying a house in another state

I'm the widow of an army veteran. He served in the Vietnam era. My first Question is 1) I'm I eligible for a VA loan?
I am debt free, own my own home (only paying property taxes, insurance, and termite, pest control on property. Besides upkeep.). The house I want to buy is in Lander, WY, which is why I am asking the question. Can my mortgage payments I will be getting from my current house be sent directly to the mortgage lender for the house I want to buy without going through my bank account?
I am on disability for degenerative disc disease and cannot retire on SS until I am 66.5. I'm only 61 now. So if the mortgage payments from my current home go through my bank account I will lose my SSI disability due to extra income. Can you please explain this to me.
Thank you.


Dear @Cyberpest69,


We are happy to help with your mortgage questions. A specialist will reach out to you soon. - Jesse

Good morning, @Cyberpest69.  You may contact the Veteran's Administration at 1-888-768-2132 and speak with their Loan Production department to inquire about whether or not you're eligible for a VA loan.  As for how you would like your mortgage payments applied if you were to obtain a mortgage loan with USAA; we are unaware of a way you could have mortgage payments applied without making your payments from a bank account.  I hope this information helps in your future endeavors.  --  Shawn G.