Need to sell fast but hate to get tied up with a realtor for a long time. Any other ways to sell fast. It used to be very valuable but I made a mistake of renting 4 years ago the house is a real mess. I might need to spend money and time got used to getting paid rent. Advertise as a fixer upper or sell as is 6 years ago it was worth 900,000 not sure now but USAA program says 750,000 should I ask 695,000?


Hi perdeum.


May I recommend you checking out the USAA Home Circle?


You may also feel free to add pictures here as well. Best of luck to you!


Hi Perdeum,


I've found that even after sellers try it on there own... a large precentage ends up calling a REALTOR.  I hear your concern with securing representation,  However;  wouldn't it be worh your time and possibly more beneficial finanically to hire the RIGHT Realtor to Represent you!


As a Sellers Representitive Specialist,  I'd love to have 5 minutes of your time.


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