We would like to sell our rental property to our renter.  We have a mortgage on it with USAA.  Do we need realtors and lawyers, or can it be as simple as meeting at a bank for paperwork?


Didnt know USAA did mortgages on income property (rental properties).


If you don't have a closing attorney, how are you going to get the deed filed?

You do not need a realtor. You can go online and Google free House Sales Contract. Also, I would request a pre-approval from your renters (potential buyer) and a deposit. I would also definitely hire a lawyer to handle everything else.

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Thank you for posting in the Community. You do not have to have a realtor to process a home sale. As mentioned you can google information on selling a home or go to a local office supply store for a template of a sales contract. You will probably want to enlist the help of a lawyer for review of the contract and other items necessary to close on the home.


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