I reported damage roof and water leakage inside my home to USAA early January2021.  USAA sent an adjuster who took pictures, met the roofer who tarped the roof and wrote up report and submitted in January.  The USAA Claims agent was given the roofing quotes twice and we hadn't heard from her in weeks.  I called to find out she went on vacation and no one was given the case to follow-up.  When I rated them low for feedback to the claims another person took over the process.  We thought he would work with us to finish all the information and issue the check but that too has been a disappointment.  They both have talked with the roofing company and receive documentation and quotes.  I have not been contacted at all since the intial conversations.  I have uploaded the cost to fix the internal rooms damaged by water and sent the quote and payment by email and still no progress.  I called the USAA adjuster to find out if she was the hold up since the 2nd claims rep said he couldn't reach her.  She said she turned in her report back in January and logged into the system to see that the 2nd claims agent had been in the system and had placed notes just 2 days prior.  I called and I am always placed on hold for 30mins plus each time.  I can never reach either of these claim agents.  They don't call at all.  I am the only one calling them and as told when I called its better and easier for the agents if I use the online system.  I have used that system multiple times and left messages still no feedback.  I have left message when other representative connects me to their voicemail.  I had no idea USAA was this bad.  What a mistake I have made in trusting them with my home insurance.  I saw USAA gave $350,000 to victims of the snow storm in Texas (that is lovely as long as its not just for publicity), what about their actual customers who are in need. I opened my claim before the snow storm in Texas. I am SO very DISAPPOINTED.  I am considering calling my local house representative and I am also considering looking into legal options. 


@Roofing Damage in WA- Going through a claim is never fun, I can certainly understand your position. I appreciate you reaching out to us, I am going to make sure we take a look into your concerns. ~Shawna

Hi Shawna,

I receive an email today from Sonja stating a check will be sent for ~ $5000.00+;  the entire roof had to be replace, there were mold growing in the attic, the boards were soaked and warped/disfigured and all the insulation were soaking wet. There were mold and mold spores throughout the area.  The adjuster was even concern if we should be in the house when the repair is being made.  Because USAA took sooo long to respond we took out a loan to pay to get our roof, all the boards and new installation completed. This cost us just for the roof (not any internal damage to the rooms) over $43,000.00.  You can image how upsetting this is for us.  We still have not gotten a call to discuss the process the conclusion or if this was initial payment.  I called USAA AGAIN today and left a message on Sonja's phone which still has an outgoing message of being on vacation.  

We purchased the house in late 2019, USSA insurance inspector came to the house to inspect it prior to issuing insurance.  We have been with USAA over 19yrs, the first big claims and this is the response.

Who should we talk with now Shawna?