Several roofing companies have told me I have wind and hail damage on my roof.  What are the best next steps to address this?  Do I get a quote from them and then call USAA to file claim if it's warranted?  thanks so much!





@Thor12, good Wednesday!  The option is yours if you wish to obtain a quote first then follow up with the claims department to discuss the findings. - Ina

thank you

Yes, you should have the contractor provide the findings and estimate to USAA first.  I made the mistake of trusting USAA first  and them provide their own estimator to assess the damage.  They ended up coming up with a overly conservative estimate.  When I had several roofers come out to provide their estimates and feedback, they all said the amount provided would only pay for patchwork.  In other words, you would get shingles and parts replaced that would not necessarily match the rest of your roof.  

So after I got a contractor involved to provide the estimate, USAA sent out their estimator again to take more pictures and provide an updated report.  I had my selected roofers there with the USAA-assigned inspector to ensure everyone would be on the same page.  Surprisesurprise, the report/pictures taken a month and half after the intial report look different, and so that's been a showstopper for the insurance claim adjustors at USAA.   I filed my claim at the beginning of March, and it still shows no sign of being resolved anytime soon.  Anyway, just please don't make the mistake I did.   Outsource to a reliable roofing/general contractor.  Good luck!

ok thanks so much