Review: Anybody know where the old Usaa went ?

I posted on here a couple years ago about an on going disaster with my Nation Star mortgage, affiliate of Usaa, to stream refi, my mortgage from 15 to 30 or lower payments and which I never returned to report that it ultimately ended in me signing yet another set (3rd) closing documents over a year and half ordeal, (due to Usaa errors or lack of communication or action), to which after being lied to by management and guarantee , that by resigning documents that terms had already been violated, because paperwork again could not be located and when was for reason at moment I can't recall would need redone , same as set before this set of documents, thus was not input in timely manor or at all to recertify same error prior to this , thus delaying automatic payment or ability to pay at all, as no papers no account to pay to, so yet another set resent and apon arrival I noticed , they merely sent a copy of ones previously had signed which meant dates and payment dates no longer fell with contract guidelines, not being able to afford legal rep , I called co with concerns, that if signed I would already be in violation of contract and they would foreclose, I refused to accept reps assurance not case so management was brought on line, and said time was main factor not wording. I was GUARANTEED, by the management online, that despite, the fact that technically I was already in violation of contract terms even tho thru no fault of mine, that for time sake and desire to get this matter to a close promptly, if I signed, notarized and returned immediately, it would all be corrected and I would not be considered in default and this used to foreclose on my home as end goal to just get rectified and get things on track. So I did as instructed, immediately apon end of call as I was at notary during call and immediately reshipped documents back from the notary as well. I watched site for confirmation of received documents and 2 days later I received confirmation received and later that day I logged on to check status of documents to find, prior to receipt of documents , my account was now in default of terms of agreement and my home was now in foreclosure stage and projected sale date !! YES in same day, they did exactly what I feared and was dumb enough to believe that they would honor verbal promise. I not only lost my home which I had sunk my only savings in with the down payment for lower interest consideration and to get affordable 15yr mortgage in order to pay down quickly and build equity in order to resell when last of kids finished school and move out , which was now the time frame for this, thus enabling me to move forward in retirement with little to mortgage after the guarteed return of substantial equity for my effort and investment of savings, due to housing market stability record for area. In the end I actually lost my home , my ability to sell with mid 5 digit walk away equity , my ability to follow thru with retirement plans , my credit , VA loan privledges, and the biggest loss of all, my trust in people, self respect for self and mentally myself . You see this sham of supposedly simple stream line refi over a year and a half period, and the back of forth of being told do this no foreclosing ok not foreclosing do this, no can't do that foreclosing , no who told you that , You all did!!, not foreclosing, start over and so on till finally I gave up and we went for short sale during this whole process in case refi didn't go thru again and didn't , so now race to save credit and loan privledges, hard to explain as , each hand had me doing one thing and not telling other , to which in end none should have been going on simultaneously, and in end had buyer to stop foreclosure ,which if Usaa took away all inflated fees they were taking on over this time for errors not mine , the hail Mary offer of 250,000 would cover mortgage pay off and realtor will to take a cut in fees to facilitate this as by now whole realestate community aware of my situation and they actually were jumping thru hoops to help me , offered DENIED , home equity GONE foreclosed and wasn't till other day I found out that my home sold for , yes get ready , remember $250,000 offered not accepted, as adequate, $209,000 , with no fees I owed at time time all began $231,000 on $289,000 home which I'd only bought in 2016 and estimated home value was at $300,00 to $365,000 at time and they want me to be responsible for the shortage of $[removed sensitive data] after payoff yes , badically there fees to do work to fix their own mistakes included, all directed by reps and then on top that loosing my notorized documents TWICE , third set unsure, resulting in me a retired veteran who already suffers from anxiety and PTSD to have a complete melt down and completely give up shut completely down and walk away , after I filed a complaint to which I said all along , cell reception near zero but email and text to contact fine as well as good ole us mail, yet I received those on rare occasion if at all , then one-day after matter brought to company attention thru this blog site and grievences noted and company supposed to get with me to review, I receive correspondence, that CEO office reviewed , so I went where had cell service and called. I mean wtf , he hadn't even spoke to me . To which the less than understanding rep on phone who treated as stupid and immediately said I need to put the veteran on phone my husband that I didn't seem to know what talking about , to which my friend got to hear me go off , I am the veteran, a female and no where is a man's man attached to any paperwork as I was going thru divorce one of reasons for refi as well, in order to lower payments until property marketed and sold when housing was predicted to take up swing per a relative who is licensed broker and housing market advier out of one of Dallas biggest firms and had been trying to offer best guidance possible and that I know exactly what I'm talking about and refuse to let someone put blame off on me , for events that were not my fault or done on ill advise. To which I was informed CEO reviewed the calls and information in Nov 2019 , foreclosure date , and found no wrong on behalf of company , hello this was a year and a half ordeal all of which I have documentation dates names etc... to back my claim and despite the fact I was not even spoke to by said individual who made that decision , and clearly individual on phone at moment , came into call with mind set I was in wrong and nothing said would matter. Yes that was Nov 2019 and I had resigned myself at time of complaint , that I had been robbed of house and equity and was merely asking for event to be removed from credit and VA loan privledges restored to full extent , so when I was emotionally strong enough again after this situation and regained confidence in my ability to handle buying a home again I could. No money was being sought but yes all hopes that , negligence would be seen and at least verifiable equity at time would be offered , but not necessary and not main goal. All of which I've been denied and if looking thru Usaa mortgage blogs and Nation Star reviews , I'm one of long stream of individuals , this situation or something similar has happened to. I'm just now posting again because I'm just now at point where I've gained my ability to face this issue or life for that fact and try and rebuild and due to fact that I just entered my third auto ins disaster in less than 1 year to which I all but had given up on Usaa's to handle my life needs anymore and was shopping for new financial establishment as many of my friends are doing the same for various of own reason and negative events and lack of responses or change, but due to last two ins issues having finally been handled by Usaa employees who actually cared and went above and beyond and followed thru and me being enlightened on fact that ins and alot of Usaa issues being "outsourced" and I assume applies to my mortgage as well but can't state for fact, as it was sold but still contacted thru Usaa. I finally had a ah-ha moment and realized that while all this time , it seemed one hand didn't know what other doing and resulting in actions cancelling each other out, serious delays causing emotional stress and things not being done at all, they DO NOT know what other is doing! As one is actually Usaa and one is OUT SOURCED services , who act under Usaa name. This practice is not only costing the actual company money due to delays and unnecessary actions due to .....miscommunication, no communication at all, and people who actually are making decisions on company behalf, who have little or no true ties to company or people it represents, or apparently care for us patrons or pride in outcome. I've spent the morning reading blog after blog in all areas and have gone straight down line, not just looked for ones like mine and negative, to which and end of reading what I noticed, prompted me to write this and drag up my mortgage issue is again, where are positive reviews and responses to post that once use to flood this sight ? Those two employees recently who gave a care, are the reason for one last attempt to speak up and have my voice heard as I truly once was very satisfied with Usaa and bragged often on company and had no desire or thoughts of ever going elsewhere. However, Usaa needs to wake up and realize if something isn't done they won't have to worry bout servicing us military or veterans, once there sole focus and company programs and policies geared especially for us, might as well start concentrating solely on being just another , public financial institution as there won't be any of us military or Vets left, that have been long time loyal customers that once took great pride in the upstanding Usaa banking practices and benefits for our military only and handled by in house personel that actual care and take pride in representing the bank and it's veteran customers .
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