Reprisals and retaliations from Nightmare Mortgage Coordinator

First let me say I love USAA.Love,love this bank but realized that their mortgage department is in need of some serious work maybe even some restructuring.There are employees who are causing USAA's credibility to go down,ridiculously.My mortgage coordinator left such a bad taste in my mouth I fear what other sleaziness he might do to mess up my mortgage or experience with home buying.He messed up my closing and refused to take responsibility that he lied and took off the week he was supposed to have our case wrapped up.And that's why we ended up closing 2 days after the agreed date.He gave me a bad feeling when first speaking to him that I wondered why do we have to have so much contact time.As he was rude,narcissistic and obnoxious every time he called a I cringe.He put our closing date at the end of June when everyone was moving.And the week before closing he heads out and leaves the task to someone else a coworker or supervisor who calls us the day before we are to leave to move my things to tell me some documents were due ten days ago.Which he never told us and I was trying to work with this insurance company USAA provided cause they had the best quote but they never called back and when I called them there was a disconnect with their call center.I was having issues finding a reputable company for the area until my agent suggested one. Anyway,this guy had my husband and I staying in hotels for longer than the time expected and the realtor seemed to be in on it.We were charged extra for our uhaul also.Our realtor spoke of getting us reimbursed but said they refused this notion.They said the seller forgot to sign something and this held up the process the first day and this delayed the closing because the seller left the country and we would close the next day.However, the coordinator called and blamed the title company for not closing that day either.We were livid by now and the coordinator claimed he did nothing wrong.We called the title company to find out what went wrong and they said they were fine with the time but they didn't get the package on time for the USAA representatives.The third day was the same drama except now it seems our agent was a participant.She told us the wrong method of payment and the closer showed up almost 2 hrs after the time agreed on for closing.The mortgage coordinator from called a few minutes before the closing time (trying to stall us)to try to wire money out of my account but he left such a bad taste in my mouth I didn't want him in my account.The closer lady told us she just got the package form USAA when she arrived at the title company at the time we were scheduled to close.Then she informs the agent that the method of payment she gold us was wrong and we had to wire it.By then the mortgage department was closed and so we had to wire it but since the money wouldn't get there until the next day we were not going to be allowed to go in our new home.It just was a mess and games.The agent then seemed to be blaming us for her mistake and we had to wait to hear from the seller to see if we can move on because we had to return the uhaul .She then claimed the listing agent turned back after she heard the money was going to get there the next day.Never mentioning it was her fault.Finally, she decided to give us the key and then had the audacity to ask us to rate her a ten knowing she didn't deserve it.Also,the agent was provided by the movers advantage program.And I had to replace her at first because she was incoherent and slurring on the phone.But that's another story.
Did I mention the seller who was suppose to be in another country and they blamed for the delay of the closing showed up at my door to drop off the keys. saying he was in town.I called the agent and would you believe she changed the story that he was in town and she told me.Now she's trying to make a liar of me.Wow!!! Another lie they told and my agent also. The coordinators and agents are representing USAA and are destroying the good name and excellent top notch service USAA was known for.This coordinator and the supervisor who lied for him are a discredit to USAA.USAA represents our military community and in the military I had to ensure my tasks were completed before I left the office.This guy now has put the wrong insurance policy on my account and now he can't be reached.Please hold your people accountable,he is a nightmare as this insurance company wants to charge us unless we cancel a policy we never signed.This retaliation is unnecessary and for whatever reason this guy has for his actions it's unprofessional and unethical.The games they played are killing USAA reputation.Please help we would like to be reimbursed.


Hi Tandy,

We are so glad you are happy with our bank.


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and feedback on our mortgage department.  I have sent your comments to a mortgage specialist who will be in touch if there is anything they can do to assist further. Thanks again for posting and we look forward to speaking with you further.



Huh??!!?BrianaHartzellUSAA I'm not sure if you read everything I wrote after the first line but I'm not happy with your mortgage dept.Where does it say I'm happy? I said I love USAA but I'm disappointed with your mortgage dept. How does that transfer to happiness?Because I love the bank for it's excellent customer service in the past it breaks my heart to see it ran down to mediocrity.I'm not sure what happened because the system didn't seem broken and I would brag about having USAA for my banking.But now I'm tight lipped about some of your services.

I apologize Tandy, I should have been more clear in my response. I am very sorry to hear about your mortgage situation and like I mentioned above, sent your comments for review by a mortage speclaist to see what can be done. Thank you

I am having a similiar issue with USAA Mortgage. It is obvious they employ incompetent associates and have poor business practices. I have begun the process of severing my relationship with everything and anything related to "USAA" . Moreover, from my experiences and what I see posted in this Member community they really don't care about their members. I will take my business elsewhere as they are not worth my time.or energy. I will focus on informing as many friends, family, current members and future members of my experience and hopefully prevent anyone else from having to endure the hardship.