I'm renting a home in Hawaii and my property manager wants me to have insurance to cover "pet damages" to the house, in the event that they happen. After much searching and asking around, I came to the conclusion that there's no such thing as "pet" Property Insurance. I've called and spoken to a representative about this once before, and he told me that pet damages, such as animal bites to a neighbor, are covered under my renter's insurance, but I can't find anything in my insurance forms about it. Where would I find this information? My property manager has been after me for weeks now to give him a copy of my insurance agreement proving that a pet damage section is there. I initially told him it was because that's what the USAA representative told me, but I've checked every policy/statement email in my messages here and haven't found it. Help!



SSgt Unterberger


As you stated there is no such thing as "pet property insurance" Most landlords just simply charges an additional fee for a dog or a cat, but that is used included in the lease and no more than 15-25 dollars additional to your current rent if you are getting a pet after the original lease was signed. What you can do is let him know that you have renter's insurance and when asked if you had a pet they documented it when they wrote you a policy for renters insurance which is covered under that policy. I would just call the insurance company again and ask for a breakdown of the declaration page and highlight the areas where they breakdown the pet information, because no one wants to pay extra for a pet. That's what they have security deposits for and did he say it wasn't ok to have a pet? If not let him know that you will cover any damages the pet cause and if he has a problem you can move elsewhere im sure he wouldn't want to go the hassle of finding another tenant if you are a good one.

My apartment needs a "declaration page." Since you mentioned it, do you know where I go to print one out?


Unfortunately, I'm not able to solve customer service questions here in the community. Please contact a member representative using the CONTACT US button on usaa.com or by calling 210-531-8722 or 1-800-531-8722 when you are able. They will be able to answer your question. Thank you.