I need advise on rental property. Please point me in the right direction.

History: I have a rental property in the City of Oklahoma, OK which has a number of tenants living at the property. Rent payments are coming in on a regular basis but recently my property manager and I have been seeing a slow down of rent being paid by one tenant. We believe this tenants is experiencing some financial difficulties that is disrupting his / her rent payments.


Question: What can I do or what financial services can I advise this tenant of to help fix this issue BEFORE it becomes a problem in which I might be force to seek an eviction? Are there city, state or federal services to assist persons struggling to pay rent? What services is or might be available that I can share with my tenant?




I recommend giving us a call at: 1-800-771-9960. A financial representative will be able to better assist you.


Hope this is helpful - thank you for posting in the community. Best of luck!