Good afternoon y'all,

I am a 32 year old, single guy who is going to medical school in August. I will be living on student loans (about $1500 a month). My care is paid off, and I have only about $2,000 dollars saved. Is it worth thinking about buying a tiny house as opposed to renting for my four years in medical school? Is renting my only option? Any advice would be super helpful.


I would rent, no long term commitment and you have the ability to further save.

Hi Andrew!


I encourage you to contact our team of Financial Advisers here at USAA who can give you advice based on your specific situation and needs. They are a great resource and can be reached at 800-771-9960.


Personally (I am not a mortgage or financial expert), I think if you are not planning on staying in the area where your school is located long term (for more than your 4 years of schooling) I would rent and save as much money as I could! I wish you the best of luck with school and your decision to rent or buy!