Over the past year or so I have been slowly reworking the rooms in my home. Some of these remodels have been simply to make current rooms meet code for living spaces, and the most extensive project was finishing my basement as a bedroom and full bath. I used permits and everything is legal and to code. For tax purposes, however, my home is still listed as 2bed/2bath instead of 4bed/2.75 bath as it should be. How can I change this?


You could call the county tax assessor and ask about updating the records for your property. Or you could wait for them to call you as they will eventually get the permit information for your improvements. In some areas, basement rooms are not counted like other rooms so you might want to be prepared for that outcome. After you get this done I would check online places like Zillow and see if the information is flowing to those sites. I'm assuming you want to get credit for the upgrades as value added to the property. Don't forget your home insurance.
I see you are in WA. When we owned a home there, we had to contact the local assesor's office to come out and have a new assessment done. Word of caution, though, the new updates to the property will most likely result in raised property taxes. Good luck.
In FL, your Building Permit Number is key. Use the number to inform the County Clerk and be prepared to wait 30 to 90 days for their update. Good Luck.