My wife and I are planning to move across the country in about a year and are planning to buy a home there. We have money in savings to cover all our expenses, 20% of the down payment, 6 months of living expenses, full redecorating costs and still a good pool of cash left over. We've been at our current jobs each for several years and have excellent credit. We would be great first mortgage candidates, except for the fact that we will be relocating I will be getting a new job in the new city. My wife will be staying at home to take care of our toddler, so no more income from her. I'm curious how we should approach this move without skunking our chance to get a mortgage for the house because of the job change. My current job is definitely something I could do remotely, but I can't count on that. My skills would surely land me a good position in the new town, but that is a variable nonetheless. We don't want to move and live in a temporary location for 2 years while I build up income history at the new job. Is it a bad idea to get approved for the mortgage in my current location under my current circumstances, then move and notify the potential lender of my change in job/location? My concern is if we move and I get the new job and then apply that they may view my length at my new job as too brief to extend a mortgage. Even more frightening is the prospect that the lender will not extend the mortgage in the end because of the change, even if I notify them of the change and document the rest of the positive circumstances. So what's the best way to approach this?