... I plan to change insurance. USAA has lost touch with rural Texas home insurance needs with its replacement policy. Why must a house be insured for 2.5 times its market value? I know.. it costs more to fix nowadays.. but at some point you just tear it down and sell the lot. With 80% coverage the premium still went up by 50%. USAA doesn't understand I'm not in Dallas or Houston. One size fits all.


Hi, @ChuckDallas. Thank you for sharing this with us. We're definitely concerned to read that you feel this way. As a fellow consumer, I can understand your position regarding increases in replacement costs and home insurance premiums. It's never a good time to experience an increase in premiums! If I may ask, when were you last able to review your home characteristics and policy details with one of our home insurance specialists? ~ Steven

I agree with the premise that your home owners insurance is a disgrace. I recently had a phone conversation with your customer service and basically said that your car insurance is the best and your homeowners is the worst. My son had to drop all his USAA insurance because of the way the homeowners treated him when he got his new home. I too am very close to looking for other homeowners insurance.

That is definitely alarming to read, @homeownersinssucks. By chance, was your son able to review these circumstances with us? ~ Steven

What company did you switch to?

I hear ya. 


2018 -2019:  Premium increase of 25%;

2019-2020:  Premium increase of 19%.

No changes in coverage or deductible.

Time to call Allstate and a host of others.


Good morning @PonyHit, I truly appreciate your membership and sharing with us.  I certainly understand your concerns with increasing premiums, have you had an opportunity to do insurance review with us lately? ~ Marco