We decided to refinance and leave a bank we've been with for 10 years to go to USAA. USAA did not offer a better deal but I have always enjoyed being a member. Boy am I sorry I decided to do that. This is a long story, but I'll make it short. I received an email from our "processor" which had the wrong loan amount. I immediately reached out to her to find out where the change came from. She would not return my call or email. Nobody at USAA could tell me why the loan amount changed. Everyone kept referring me back to our processor who would not return my call or email. The supervisor was polite but did not resolve anything. Three business days later and I'm still waiting on her manager to call me. I couldn't have her contact information but they said she would be in touch. I spent hours on the phone trying to get someone, anyone, to assist me. I sent the documents they wanted and asked that they confirm they got them... again nothing. All the while being told to hurry so I can close my loan on time. I'm jumping through hoops to get documents sent back asap but it took a week to get someone to answer a question about my loan. I spoke to the Executive Resolution center, where I did finally get someone to help me but then I was back to having to deal with my processor. Today, I got a letter saying they didn't get my documents. Again, I called. They have record of them, but of course my processor never let me know she had them like I asked. To date, I have not spoken to or heard from my processor. I have been a member since 1992 and I am shocked (literally, I am in disbelief) that this is USAA customer service. I am so frustrated and I've spent so much time trying to get help from USAA. I'm not confident my loan will close in time to keep my rate - oh but that's ok because they tell me I can PAY to extend it. Really?


Member since 1992 #,

Thanks for reaching out to us in Community. Your feedback is important to us and regret to hear of any issues you are experiencing with your Mortgage refinance. I have escalated your concerns to be reviewed and we look forward to the opportunity in resolving this matter.

Your first mistake was using USAA mortgage!!!! My process was a nightmare! I was less than 24 hours from being homeless due to USAA incompetence!