Is there anyone with USAA who can discuss just some basic general questions about my "In Process" refinancing loan? My loan processor is very good at returning my calls and that is where my problem is. When I have a question, I will call her, but I have always gone directly to voicemail where I leave a message. I would say that 90% of the time she will return my call usually within 2 hours. I am in Engineering (Field Services- Bridge Inspection) and during the day I am frequently in and out meetings for several projects, along with being in and out the office on inspections. This is where we go back and forth playing phone tag and communicating by voicemails. My current schedule has me at work before the designated regular business hours for USAA and I do not get home until after their regular business hours.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this?



I am sorry to hear about your experience. I will pass your feedback through to the appropriate department. Please email us your member number and concerns to [expired email] and we will get back with you shortly.