I called today and after a 15 minute wait I proceded to go over my situation which is to refinance my current FHA loan to a VA loan. After giving "Chris" my information he stated that the VA would only do a 90% loan at 3.65% with me paying the other 10% plus! I have never heard of this, he stated that it was a VA rule because it was considered a buyout!? I had talked to another company and they gave me somthing totally different. The  loan would be totally financed at 3.99%. somebody explain this VA rule since I have never heard of it or read anything about it. 





Because you have a FHA loan, you'll actually have to do a VA Cash-out Refinance.  It sounds like you may not have the equity in the home to qualify for 100% financing.  


Here is a good link on VA Cash out Refinancing:  http://www.militaryvaloan.com/cashoutrefinance.htm

Thanks for the answer!! I'm not cashing out, I am refinancing just what I owe. The other company must be have quoted me a "streamline" VA refinance. 


Thanks again!!!