I used USAA back in 2013 to buy our home here when I PCS'd with no issues.  Loved the service and everything went smoothly.  Since my wife was still in school and had zero credit, we did not put her name on the loan.  This year, we wanted to refinance our home to take advantage of the low interest rates.  This is when everything went downhill. 


Even though I told the loan officer that my wife was not on the original loan, he insisted that she needed to be put on this one.  We filled out the paperwork and provided all the documents required from the loan officer and the processor.  Fast forward a month later and we finally get a closing date.  Sounds good, right?  Well, a week before we are set to close, I get a call from the mortgage company that my process is terminated because my wife's name cannot be on the new loan since she wasn't on the original loan.  She said that the loan officer should have caught this early in the process.


I called up the loan processor and asked her why was I required to upload my marriage certificates, joint statements, etc. when this was not required in the first place?  She placed the blame on the loan officer and told me that I needed to contact him and start over.


Fast forward to yesterday, I call up USAA again and get a different loan officer.  She was very helpful and apologetic but to no fault of her own, told me that they will have to run my credit report again since we are starting from scratch.  We all know what running multiple credit reports in a short amount of time will do to your score.  Of course, I had no choice but to say "yes" if I wanted to close this deal. 


Considering that USAA rates are usually not the lowest around and all the mortgage processors are licensed, I would have expected better service for the premium we are paying.  I have USAA for everything (investments, mortgage, banking, insurance) but will pause when considering them again when buying our next home.




Thank you for posting in the Community. USAA is committed to offering our members smooth and efficient processes to help ease these types of transactions. We regret this is not what you encountered. Your comments will be shared with our Member Feedback Teams for review. -Gus

@USAA - Another thanks for telling us your experience and we will forward for review answer - how about we will fix this since we messed this up?  You really can't believe that this many members are making up this many stories, especially when so many of them have the same theme to them.