Read your home owners policy

So it's tax season.  Time to review things.  My homeowner's policy has a mandatory Personal Belongings coverage, which I can drop no lower than $236,500.  I'm an I/T introvert nerd - I haven't got 100k worth of sh*t in my entire house, including the garage (I know this because I recently did a moving inventory).


But this is interesting.  Even if I did have 100k worth of stuff -- the policy wouldn't cover it.  $230k of mandatory coverage... for less than $50k of coverage.


Personal Belongings
Includes Replacement Cost



Category Limit(s)

Jewelry/Watches/Furs$10,000 (theft only)
Credit Card$5,000
Business Property$10,000
Silverware/Goldware/Pewterware$10,000 (theft only)
Guns$10,000 (theft only)
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