I swear I can't make this stuff up. Ok, around the end of September 2015, I sought to refinance my former home (now investment property) in Texas through USAA. Reason being, I had the old 6% interest rate from 2008, and I was looking to buy my dream home. The plan was to refi the investment property to increase my chances of getting the dream property. Once USAA initiated the process, I found my dream home & placed an offer. Reason being, there's no way it should take longer to close on a new purchase than a refi, EVER. USAA advised me that I qualified for a 3.5 interest rate, which would've reduced my monthly payment by $200, which of course would've freed up more money for my dream home. Well, I was told by my so called processor this process wouldn't take longer than 30 days, and was given a close date of mid November. I was told on that date, a notary would come to my home, we'd sign all the documents and it'd be done. This was perfect as I was set to close on my dream home in December. The refi closing date came, and I sat home and waited, and waited, and waited. No notary, no phone call, no nothing. Finally, I called USAA to figure out why I just wasted half of my day, & they say "Oh, your processor has been taking a lot of time off lately". Really!? Seriously, there's no back-up; so if she decides to go on a 3 week hiatus my loan app just sits??? I was placed on the phone with her supervisor, who apologized, said it'd all work out, and provided me her contact info. I later received a call giving me a closing date of December 4th. So December 4th came, and I waited, and I waited, and I waited. No call or anything from USAA. So I email the supervisor and get no response. I call her and leave a message and get no call back. As USAA is dragging their feet and jerking me around, guess what happens.....I close on my dream home. So wow, I bought an entire house in half the time it's taken USAA to process a SIMPLE REFI. But guess what else, since they've dragged their feet, I guarantee their new response will be "Oh, we see you've purchased a new home, so you won't be able to re-finance through us, sorry". Well guess what, in that time I stuck with you all due to 17 years of loyalty, Chase Bank and Navy Federal were begging to do the refi, but I turned them down. My mistake. Now that I've closed on a new home, they likely won't be able to do my refi either. Thanks USAA! Oh, & the FED HAS INCREASED THE INTEREST RATES NOW. Thanks! A 60 plus day refi.....unheard of. Thanks for screwing me out of $200 in savings a month that I could've used towards my new mortgage smh. I think I'll close all accounts & move to Navy Federal.


Welcome to the new and improved USAA. Their service wasn't always like this. I think it is about time for the CEO to be given another award.



Thank you for your post in Community. I have passed this along to our bank team for review, they will be reaching out to you directly. Thank you.